Creating Host Named Site Collections

The following is based on the Exam Ref 70-331: Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 by Troy Lanphier. Check out Kirk Evan’s blog for more background behind HNSC –


Creating the config db and central admin

To avoid the ugly/yucky GUID tails off the end of your Central Administration database, use this line of powershell and these steps:

    (The above oneliner is taken from page 63 of “Professional SharePoint 2013 Administration“, by Shane … Read More

Retrieving job history over a period of time

      Retreiving SharePoint 2010 Jobs Details by Date and Time 1. Log onto your SharePoint 2010 application server with farm admin rights. 2. Run SharePoint Admin Shell. 3. Change the SharePoint application in the script on line … Read More

Exporting a WSP

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Imagine you have a farm with a solution deployed to it; but, have lost the raw solution package and you need to work on the solution.  Or, someone deployed a solution to the farm and you need to inspect it.  … Read More

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