Remove extended zones

This one-liner will remove the intranet zone, change intranet to internet, custom, extranet, according to what your needs require  

      IF the error message below happens on your next run of the above command to Remove … Read More

Links to Software to create a home lab

Pre-requisite:  A server with at least 16 GB of RAM  – Server 2012  – SharePoint Server 2013 – Project Server 2013 –  SQL 2012 – all Evaluation Software – previous editions (e.g. windows server … Read More

Convert a classic based authentication SharePoint 2010 web application into a claims based web application that will use forms based authentication

This blog post attempts to bridge the gap between creating a claims based authentication web application versus converting a classic web application to claims, essentially step 1 of this blog: New-SPAuthenticationProvider – Here’s how you create a new … Read More

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