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This product is available on Sunday’s and Monday’s.


The class is 8-10 hours long and unfortunately cannot be substituted for Customized Personal IT training; since, this is a watch and learn, along with various portions of hands on.


At the end of the class, you’ll have a Domain controller, a domain, a SQL server, and two SharePoint servers


In one day we’ll do the following:


  • Spin up a fully functional Active Directory Domain
  • Create and configure the service accounts needed for SQL and SharePoint
  • Create a SharePoint Farm that consists of one SQL server, one Application Server, and one Web Front End
  • Create a host named site collection running on http

How to order:

  • Contact me to discuss your training needs
  • We’ll find a time frame that works for both of us,
  • Place your order.

Or you can order training in minute increments via my Hackhands profile at https://hackhands.com/stacy by visiting this site you will not be on the hook for any training, it’s just another way for us to hook up and do some knowledge transfer.


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