“There are no products affected by this package installed on this system.”

Grey wizard or PSconfig

Sometimes when your farm gets out of wack, as SharePoint farms with multiple admins tend to do, from time to time, you’ll receive a message that some of your patches are missing/required.  So, you’ll click on the download link and begin the install and then, in a perfect world, you’ll hopefully be able to run the SharePoint products and technologies wizard (psconfiggui.exe) or


from a command line successfully and without issue. 


But, what happens if, and follow me on this one,… what happens when you download the kb installer, and when you double click it to install, SharePoint gives you a message that “There are no products affected by this package installed on this system”, what then?

My first thought has been to restart the server, and that has worked in some cases; but, not in most.  An IISReset? you say.  Well, it might work; but, it wont work if a server restart didn’t fix, although it is less invasive.

Enter PowerShell, the magic fixer of all things Windows, SQL, and SharePoint.

Open a management shell, run


, then an IISReset, and then try and run the Grey wizard (psconfiggui.exe) or 


and if you’re on a server that runs search, turn that service off before you run the SharePoint Products and Technologies Wizard or the CLI psconfig.

Hope this helps and Happy SharePointing.