Retrieving job history over a period of time

      Retreiving SharePoint 2010 Jobs Details by Date and Time 1. Log onto your SharePoint 2010 application server with farm admin rights. 2. Run SharePoint Admin Shell. 3. Change the SharePoint application in the script on line … Read More

Exporting a WSP

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Imagine you have a farm with a solution deployed to it; but, have lost the raw solution package and you need to work on the solution.  Or, someone deployed a solution to the farm and you need to inspect it.  … Read More

Remove extended zones

This one-liner will remove the intranet zone, change intranet to internet, custom, extranet, according to what your needs require  

      IF the error message below happens on your next run of the above command to Remove … Read More

Deployment XML for a FAST farm with two nodes and a SQL back end


Fighting with a Fast install

Here is a good instruction set for a multi-node Fast farm: If you run into issues, make sure you dont have more than 4 vCPU’s on your VM, this will solve the ResourceStoreInstaller.exe issue Here is a good blog post … Read More

Deployment.xml for Single Server Fast Farm

Note:  has a BOM


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