Deployment XML for a FAST farm with two nodes and a SQL back end


Fighting with a Fast install

Here is a good instruction set for a multi-node Fast farm: If you run into issues, make sure you dont have more than 4 vCPU’s on your VM, this will solve the ResourceStoreInstaller.exe issue Here is a good blog post … Read More

Deployment.xml for Single Server Fast Farm

Note:  has a BOM


Customizing your PowerShell window colors

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The information about the settings for your PowerShell’s shell colors are stored in the object model at: System.Management.Automation.Internal.Host.InternalHost and at System.Management.Automation.Internal.Host.InternalHostRawUserInterface under the PrivateData and RawUI Properties you can see the various settings by typing $host.PrivateData and pressing enter PS C:\Users\Stacy> $host.PrivateData ErrorForegroundColor    … Read More

Merry Christmas!!!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the last year and that you’ve had a great year in SharePoint. There isn’t going to be a blog post this week, due to the Christmas Holiday. Next week I’ll be back … Read More

Links to Software to create a home lab

Pre-requisite:  A server with at least 16 GB of RAM  – Server 2012  – SharePoint Server 2013 – Project Server 2013 –  SQL 2012 – all Evaluation Software – previous editions (e.g. windows server … Read More

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