Install Project Server 2013

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Run Setup.exe, uncheck box to run psconfig wizard, repeat on other servers in farm. Run psconfig on all servers in farm Start Project Server Service Create Project Web Application Service Application If you’re converting a 2010 PWA to 2013 PWA, … Read More

Creating a classic authentication based web application to restore 2010 non-claims DB’s into

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Script to clean out log files, or any files in a directory based on date

    If you only want one week, change the file age to 7. Or, if you want 90 days, then change it to 90. The paths to clean specified in this example are meant to be changes and … Read More

Create a Host Named Site Collection and Set Anonymous

These steps create the HNSC and then explain setting anonymous access:

  Step 5, Enable Anonymous access Turn anonymous on under Authentication for the default zone assuming you followed the advice above.  If in a different zone then adjust … Read More

Backup a SharePoint Site Collection (and restore it)

The following assumes you have a Host Named Site Collection. Backup:

  Technet: Notice nothing special needs to be done in regards to the host named site collection when performing the backup. Restore:

    Notice how … Read More

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