In the above video, the camera is mounted to my chest, in case anyone watching is wondering why it seems like sometimes I am not looking around corners and what not.  That is definitely not the case! Read about the MotoJitsu program, go out to YouTube and watch all the videos, and get a copy of the book on Amazon

The Motojitsu system of learning to ride was and is being developed by Fast Eddie on is Vlog on YouTube.

Here’s a collection of only SOME of the videos on the MotoJitsu Channel:

New Rider stuff

Emergency Braking Click Here

New Rider Tips Click Here (107 videos at time of this post)

2 Life saving tips every rider must know – Click Here

Top 5 mistakes ALL (not just new or returning) riders make: Click Here

How to shift gears smoothly – Click Here

How to Rev Match – Click Here

Numb hands – Click Here

Slowing down:

Rev Matching – Click Here

How to Rev Match – Click Here – also demonstrates the right way and wrong way of throttle control

Gain Confidence – Click Here

Build Low Speed Confidence – Click Here


How to check tire pressure: Click Here

How do you trust your tires, ah you don’t man, you trust in your own abilities, listen Click Here


Full list Click Here

3 steps to cornering, high level review – Click Here

Forget about body position – Click Here

How to corner smoothly – Click Here

2 Life saving tips every rider must know – Click Here


Why do MC crash? The Rider makes mistakes that lead to them, learn about them here, click here

Reasons why people crash in corners, the big reasons:

  • Speed
  • Path of Travel
  • Countersteering
  • Vision
  • Overconfident
  • Equipment (something is wrong with bike, tires pressure to low, kinked cable, leaking oil, etc failure to TCLOCS before FINE-C)

Throttle control

Good Cornering Habits – Stay Loose and BHB that shiz!!

  • Speed set
  • Body (dogs, squirrels, kids, slow moving old people, trees, cars, shit on the road, etc?) – set your body for the turn
  • Head (at this point you already got your body set to turn  – – see the above – – this step you turn your head)
  • Bike (push right to go right, push left to go left and you should already be looking that way, and have adjusted your body)

Line selection – (goes over O-I-O, What is an apex? (Hint: your apex might be different than mine), esses explained (aka straight planning), DR turns and tips (hopefully not over), speed setup right, then BHB (body-head-bike)

Lane Position and other Tips for the street – Click Here

Trail Braking (view of FE hand on brake and Throttle) – Click Here

Should you be trail braking? Ah Yup – Click Here

3 stages to body position, hanging off part 1 of 2 Click Here

3 stages to body position hanging off part 2 of 2 Click Here

Dealing with Tar snakes – Click Here

How to ride in the rain – 1. avoid it, 2. if you’re stuck and have no choice – Click Here

Is any of this possible, check out this highlight reel to see that it is, Click Here

MotoJitsu System

How to setup course – Click Here

Tips on Motojitsu levels – Click Here

Best practice, use good clutch control and throttle to control slow speeds, vs having to rely on rear brake, but learn to use rear brake as a stop gap to the clutch and throttle, the rear brake is not the end all be all the clutch is the end all be all, and knowing that friction zone like back of hand.

Goal is to acquire muscle memory in all the drills, this is really important, start at white belt, then proceed, don’t skip belts

White Belt – Click Here 40′ circle, 25′ at 20mph, 15×3 Weave, Level 4 parking drill (every other parking space) (ten times in a row with no issues whatsoever then move on, remember Vision, counterbalancing, clutch, and throttle, learn to trust the front brake, and get really smooth with it before moving up.

Blue Belt – Click Here 30′ circle, 18′ at 20 mph, 15×5 weave, Level 3 parking drill (no skipping a space, u turn on every space

Brown Belt – Click Here 20′ circle (full lock is NOT required, leaning the bike and counterweight IS), 18′ at 25 mph, 15×7 weave, Level 2 parking drill, knee down on 40′ circle

Black Belt – Click Here 20′ circle one handed, taking right hand off throttle, 15′ by 10′ weave, 15′ at 25 mph, level 1 parking lot drill. Seriously, do not try the stop drill at this level if you have not got the brown belt down.

Coral Belt – Click Here – All Belts with passenger, aka Black Belt with a passenger except knee drag with your bike only. Coral belt knee down on any motorcycle without passenger

Red Belt – Click Here – Knee down, one handed, with a passenger

These are just a few of the videos on Fast Eddie’s vlog, go check it out on YouTube, click here