Provisioning a SharePoint 2010 Farm Service Applications using a PowerShell Script

This video is best if watched in Full Screen modeand any references to completed services should really say, the powershell script has completed creating the service application and you still need to manually configure it, just as you would if the service were created by the White Wizard.  Difference with this method is that it generates a SharePoint environment containing database names that are GUID free.

Here’s the video of this process

Contents of Bus.ps1 Replaces the White Wizard\Farm Wizard

It places all the service applications under one application pool in IIS because in 2013 I didnt know any better.  This really isnt a bad thing, but what if search is needing some tweaks in iis that the rest of the SharePoint Service Applications do not need?



Now proceed to manually configuring your service applications (e.g. the Secure Store Service for Excel Services, Visio graphics, and performance point. The managed meta data service for a content type hub)


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