Can’t Save site as a template – getting error about the first list; albeit announcements or some other custom list that was created.

If you’re trying to save a site as a template, so that you can use it in a workflow, (e.g for Project Server new site creation, or just as some sort of custom site for your users) and are unable to do so due to an error about first list; usually announcements or some other custom list that was created, this should work:

Run the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell as Administrator.  Run the following command to disable the default content type feature:

Disable-SPFeature –Identity ctypes –url http://SiteCollection


Then enable the content type feature:
Enable-SPFeature –Identity ctypes –url http://SiteCollection


If you look at your content types, they should now all be there.  Try saving the subsite as a template again, it should succeed.