Deploying Fast Search for SharePoint


SQL server running Windows SQL Server 2008 R2
Search admin server running Windows Server 2008 R2
Search query server running Windows Server 2008 R2

These are the abbreviated high level steps to deploy fast, based on this page:

1. Already have a SharePoint Farm
2. Already have SQL installed and have your Search Account, domain based, with the dbcreator login role, make sure that this user is a member of the FASTsearchAdministrators group, as well.
3. Download the bits for FAST and then run through them, make the Search Account a local admin on the search front ends before execution.
4. Fill in the boxes for FAST, using the search account when asked for an admin account, create a multi-server deployment xml file.
5. Attempt to use the FQDN for the SQL box, but just use the Netbios host name if the FQDN does not work.
6. Repeat on the query server that you designated in your deployment file.
7. Create the FAST Content Search application and then make the Sharepoint farm trust the Admin server, add a content source, run a full crawl
8. Make the query search application using the information found in install_info.txt, and make sure that it is the only search application configured in the default proxy group.
9. Create the trust between the web server and the farm
10. test that indexing is occurring,
11.  If thumbnails are not appearing in search results, make sure Office Web apps is installed on each SharePoint front end and then run the Products and Technologies Wizard.