Retrieving job history over a period of time




Retreiving SharePoint 2010 Jobs Details by Date and Time

1. Log onto your SharePoint 2010 application server with farm admin rights.

2. Run SharePoint Admin Shell.

3. Change the SharePoint application in the script on line 2 (mine was http://2013app ). Change the dates and times in the scriptlines 3 and 4.

4. Run the script as shown below:

5. View output from the script:

6. You’ll get two files. C:\JobHistoryOutput.csv is all jobs. C:\JobHistoryOutputErrors.csv is jobs that didn’t get a “Succeeded” status. Sort and filter in excel for the results you want: JobDefinitionId, JobDefinitionTitle, WebApplicationId, WebApplicationName, ServiceId, ServerId, ServerName, Status, StartTime, EndTime, DatabaseName, ErrorMessage