The Troubleshooter Mentality

When you think about any trouble you encounter with technology, maybe with your life; but, definitely with technology, there are a few things you really want to do or ask yourself about the situation: Have I encountered this issue before … Read More

Moving Central Admin

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Take into account if is a search server of any type and move the topology, this is a cool powershell tool, free, and works great for indexes that are in the standard location. You will need to use powershell, otherwise. … Read More

Brand Central Admin

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It’s a great idea to, at the very least, modify the header title of central admin so that some neophyte admin, who probably should not have keys to the proverbial SharePoint car, does not accidentally delete, say a web app … Read More

List of Site Templates

Template ID Title GLOBAL#0 Global template STS#0 Team Site STS#1 Blank Site STS#2 Document Workspace MPS#0 Basic Meeting Workspace MPS#1 Blank Meeting Workspace MPS#2 Decision Meeting Workspace MPS#3 Social Meeting Workspace MPS#4 Multipage Meeting Workspace CENTRALADMIN#0 Central Admin Site WIKI#0 … Read More

rebuild 2010 search using powershell

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If you need to rebuild a 2010 search service application in a new app pool (and yes I know it is almost 2019)  here’s the script  


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