Modify Central Admin Title

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Wictor Wilen wrote an awesome post on this at this URL:   The code is as follows:

All you need to do for your farm is modify “Central Admin: FarmA Production” to whatever you want your farm to … Read More

Crazy Cake

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Crazy Cake history To Celebrate my dad’s 80th Birthday, my family convened at this cottage located in Western Michigan, about 200 meters east of Lake Michigan.  It was in the woods. My mom made my dad’s, and mine, favorite cake.  … Read More

Troubleshooting an issue

Russ Maxwell has written, another, totally, awesome script!  This one will help you when you’re troubleshooting an issue.  Here’s a link to the original post It works with SharePoint 2010-2016 It allows you to reproduce the issue with logging dialed … Read More

Creating a Search Service Application and topology with PowerShell in SharePoint 2013 or 2016 – IN A NEW APP POOL

You can use this code to create a new application pool named “SharePoint Search Service Application Pool”, and then create the search service application with all the search components on one server.


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