Configuring Web Analytics – the 2010 way

With SharePoint 2013, the web analytics service application is deprecated and removed; since, it is integrated into the new super power that is SharePoint Search.  This means, learn powershell!  To administer search in 2013 you’ll need to learn about Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication, Get-SPEnterpriseSearchTopology, and their cousins.

If you’re still administrating a SharePoint 2010 Farm, here is a link to the official guidance on how to spin up the Web analytics Service application:

A few things to watch out for when doing it through the Central Admin console (e.g. not through the Management Shell):

  • Make sure to specify database names
  • Make sure to use the Default SharePoint Services App Pool so as not to create an uneeded application pool
  • Make sure to use your service application account as the managed account to run the service app and pool under

A few things to watch out for if using this script below:

  • Make sure that the application pool listed for the $appPoolName variable actually exists, or be prepared for it to get created
  • Make sure that the account, servername, etc are all correct for your environment and that the managed service account is present in your farm.





Now just make sure that the service is started from the services on server page and then go into monitoring and test the anaytics,