Converting 2010 Project Server to 2013 Project Server

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Adapted from material presented at this URL –

Content Databases

  • Check the SharePoint content Database that contains your Project Site data for errors that can cause upgrade to fail  Test-SPContentDatabase

  • Attach and upgrade the SharePoint content Database Mount-SPContentDatabase




  • Take ownership of the site collection you want to upgrade Set-SPSite (make sure the correct accounts have site collection admin)




  • Migrate users from windows classic authtentication to claims-based authentication (optional, in that needs to be done if the 2010 data was not claims)




  • Check the SharePoint site collection for issues that can cause upgrade to fail (aka upgrade blocking = true) Test-SPSite




  • Upgrade the SharePoint Site Upgrade-SPSite (upgrade the root “/” and then  /pwa)




Project Server Databases


  • Consolidate your Project Server 2010 databases to a Project Project Web App Database  Convertto-SPProjectDatabase
  • You might have to login with the farm account to get this to run.




  • Attach your Project Web App database to the web application Mount-SPProjectDatabase




  • Check your project web app database for errors Test-SPProjectDatabase





  • Upgrade your project web app database Upgrade-SPProjectDatabase




  • Mount your Project web app instance Mount-SPProjectWebInstance




  • Check your Project web app instance for errors Test-SPProjectWebInstance
  • You may want to remove the format-table | more portion




  • Upgrade your Project web app instance Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance




  • Enable PWA features Enable-SPFeature




Plan for the Upgrade to Project Server 2013 –