Disable Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) in all sites and sub-sites in a web application

This is the powershell to disable MDS in all sites and sub-sites within a web application


$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication http://sp2010
$siteCollection =$webApp | Get-SPSite -limit all 
foreach ($site in $siteCollection)
$webs = $site | Get-SPweb -limit all
foreach ($web in $webs)
    $url = $web.URL
    write-host "Web URL = " $url -foregroundcolor "blue"
    Disable-SPFeature -Identity  "87294c72-f260-42f3-a41b-981a2ffce37a" -url $url -Confirm:$False


All you need to do is edit the URL to your web application from http://sp2010