Exporting a WSP

Imagine you have a farm with a solution deployed to it; but, have lost the raw solution package and you need to work on the solution.  Or, someone deployed a solution to the farm and you need to inspect it.  Here is a script I found that works fantastic for going into the farm and getting all solutions, exporting the wsp’s to a file so that they can then be inspected, re-deployed, or deployed, somewhere else, etc.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell –erroraction SilentlyContinue

## setup our output directory

$dirName = "e:\Exported Solutions"

Write-Host Exporting solutions to $dirName

foreach ($solution in Get-SPSolution)


$id = $Solution.SolutionID

$title = $Solution.Name

$filename = $Solution.SolutionFile.Name

Write-Host "Exporting ‘$title’ to …\$filename" -nonewline

try {


Write-Host " – done" -foreground green




        Write-Host " – error : $_" -foreground red






Here’s a script to get just one solution:


asnp *SharePoint*

$farm = Get-SPFarm

$file = $farm.Solutions.Item(“Coolio_ProjectDeletion.wsp”).SolutionFile