How to – IIS moving sites and applications

Don’t ever do this #%$^ with a SharePoint site


In this completely, hypothetical, situation, you are the web administrator for a website named ChiNet.  Chinet is an old, antiquated site, but you love it nonetheless and want to move it to a completely different server.  The URL to Chinet is

1. Open inetmgr (iis manager)

2. Then right click on the web you want to move to another server, or right click on the entire server if you want

3. Click on deploy and if you dont see deploy, click here

4. Click on export application

5. Copy the zip file to your destination server

6. Make sure the physical path to your web exists, and any local users and groups exist, on the destination server (e.g. d:\inetpub\chihome\wwwroot  or whatever, and then the local users) – – this would be the relative same physical path where the site was stored, only now it is on the new server.

7. Open iis manager (inetmgr)

8. Create a new site that points to the physical path that you created in step 6

9. Right click on the site, click deploy, click import application

10. Navigate to the location where you placed the zip file

11. Place the contents of it in the root (watch this, it will try to double root you, maybe  chihome/chihome,   remove the second chihome)

12. Next through

13. Begin enjoying your website named chinet on the new server

14. Get the cname record in dns switched to point to this servers host name (A record)