Installing workflow manager

Workflow manager is needed to support SharePoint 2013 workflows and their features, as well as Project Server 2013.

Download the web platofrm installer:

Install the platform installer, then install Workflow manager 1.0. CU, Workflow manager client 1.0 refresh, and Workflow Manger CU2 to get 1.0 Refresh.  Also do a search for and install, Service Bus 1.0 and CU1 for Service Bus.

configure the workflow manager to run on SSL, you’ll need a certificate that is trusted by all servers involved in communication (database server and front ends).

Make sure the cert has a private and public key, then proceed with the custom install.  Enter in the server.fqdn\instance and check the box for ssl.

modify your database names to meet a standard naming convention for your environment.

select the cert, by unchecking the autoinstaller,

do same on service bus page

proceed to finish