Interrogating Netsh part 2

At a command prompt type netsh interface ipv4 set address ? 

Don’t worry it will not harm your pc

Almost every command line, Netsh Interface ipv4 set address, will not run if you follow it with a question mark.

Case in point: open a command prompt from your run bar

(windows key + r, then type cmd, then click ok)

and then in the window that opens type in ipconfig ?,   or type powershell  then wait and then type get-date

now try just typing just ipconfig and then press enter or click ok.

As you can see, you are getting two seperate results, neither of which made any changes to your computer, though.

USE CAUTION, READ CAREFULLY, commands without question marks executeFor Example, Ipconfig /release ? versus Ipconfig /release is a different story and I don’t recommend running this command without the question mark if you are not sure what it is going to do.

If you already ran it by mistake, just run either one of these commands to repair (or, Mom if you’re reading this and have already gone to far, please restart your computer),

Netsh interface ipv4 set address name=”Local Area Connection” dhcp




Ipconfig /renew



and you are now able to surf again.

A restart of your computer or the workstation service would have achieved the same results, though.

Renewing your Ip is just easier and faster.

So, whenever you want to learn more about a command, the best place to start is inside the command shell, by typing one of the following:  ”?”, “/?”, or “Help

(NOTE: omit the commas and quotes).  Just open the command prompt and type “help” with or without the quotes (normally you dont want those quotes, though), now pick a command you want to learn more about and type it’s name followed by “?” or “/?” – if just the word “Help” doesnt work.

If you see switches and internal commands, and you more than likely will, you should learn more about the ones that interest you.

Take netsh for example it has internal commands, additional words, that follow – – Now, to learn more just type that switch or internal command and remember to follow up with your question mark.

At this time I’d like to say, have fun learning about your computer, it’s various internal commands and the associated switches that lie beneath.