Backing up a SharePoint 2010 farm

here are a lot of good scripts out there to use for backing up your SharePoint.  This one is one of my favorites:

Just download it, unzip it, create a folder to store your backups, share that folder complete the Params.xml and you’re about ready to go!

Read this detailed instruction guide written by the scripts author for step-by-step instructions:

Here is another, and probably the best script for backing up your SharePoint Farm.  It is written by John Ferringer, a SharePoint Guru –

If the Ferringer solution or the codeplex solution above seems a bit to daunting, you can copy and paste the powerhsell from this blog: into a .ps1 file and then set it up to run as a scheduled task using credentials that have Shell admin access and full control over the shared network location where the backups will be stored.

You’ll need to share a folder for the script to write into.  Here is the powershell script from bradcote with a few additional notes



This blog has another script that you can use, also an easier to use version:

Make sure to update these variables:



Microsoft TechNet – – Backing up a Farm in SharePoint 2013

Petri blog – backup and restore advice – Good Read

John Ferringer on backups –

Microsoft’s scripting guy defers to John Ferringer – – same here