HNSC is recommended best practice

Straight from Microsoft – USE HOST NAMED SITE COLLECTIONS – recommended in SharePoint 2010 and preferred in SharePoint 2013

Main reason:

  • Uses less resources, only uses one web application pool.
  • Allows a seemingly unlimited number of vanity named site collections under one web application – Promotes useability for the business  (e.g. one web app could house,, etc.)
  • Allow flexibility in that vanity names can easliy be changed, without need to export import data, or backup restore, simply change via Set-SPSite – adapts to business change

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The rest of this blog taken from this Technet –

“Host-named site collections are the preferred method to deploy sites in SharePoint 2013. Because the Office 365 environment uses host-named site collections, new features are optimized for these site collections and they are expected to be more reliable. Learn how to plan for and implement host-named site collections, design URLs, and manage URLs.

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