Look who’s using Office 365

If you think Office 365 is a hobbyist environment or some sort of not-ready-for-enterprise application, think again!!!

Office 365 is so ready for enterprise it is not even funny!

take a look at all the various companies that are already reaping the benefits of the platform that is monitored and maintained by the people who designed it:


Here’s an excerpt from the above link, just a few of the happy customers, Look at these results, amazing!!!

British Airways

Cabin crew at British Airways used enterprise social and communication tools in Office 365 to share ideas that improve service.


With a retail portal that runs on Office 365, GameStop enhanced customer loyalty and saved $700,000 annually by eliminating paperwork.

US Virgin Islands Government

The Government of the US Virgin Islands chose Office 365 to coordinate departmental functions and deliver more efficient services.

Aston Martin

Aston Martin drives collaboration, speeds business processes, and provides enhanced reliability and security with Office 365, while freeing IT resources.


MetLife standardized on Office 365 communication tools for 64,000 employees, boosting collaboration on customer-centric service.

City of Chicago,IL

The city selected Office 365 for its 30,000 employees to improve collaboration, enhance security, and save $1.3 million over four years.


Take a look at the roadmap, this really is the place to be, get your pilot going today, Plan to deploy it wider,  and then migrate over.