Uploading data to SharePoint Online (Office 365 SharePoint) concerns


With regards to your future clients for Office 365 SharePoint migrations:

  • If they don’t have one of these Operating systems:

Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 8, or Windows 7,

You”ll need to upgrade their systems before you can sync data to their SharePoint, else it’s manual copy time

  • If they don’t want to upgrade the server, assuming it’s not Windows 2008 R2 or higher, then maybe their workstations will work?

In other words, if the client does not have one of the supported operating systems, then you’ll need to spin up a VM, if possible, in their datacenter, assuming they have a datacenter.

It’s very unlikely that they will have a datacenter, if they are a small business.  Although, if they have Windows 7 or Windows 8 machines you can use the workstations to load the data.

Another option would be to upgrade their server operating system to one of the trial editions of the supported OS’es; if, they will not need thier file server after the migration.

If they will need the file server, and do not want to upgrade the OS, then it’s time to teach them how to manually copy files up (yikes to this approach of the manual copy – I would not recommend this – although it is an option)

  • There are other concerns as well with regard to the SOW,

You really shouldn’t commit to a defined time range until  these questions are answered:

How much data?

How is data corpus comprised (e.g. how many files and folders)?

How many blocked file types?

How many max_depth path violations in current structure?

What operating system is on servers and workstations?

If a 100% remote client, is RDP set up for workstations too? (you’ll need more than one machine to upload data)