Microsoft Ignite 2018

There were a lot of really awesome things revealed at Ignite this year!


These were some of my favorites:


SharePoint Graph – ability to draw a graph on a white board, take a scan of it with graph, and have it import into excel online, complete with totals, etc.  This is not available in On-Prem SharePoint, even if the On-Prem is in Azure.

Stream – This provides the ability to serve up, or stream, video content to the enterprise.  Think of this as YouTube for the Enterprise.

Exchange Server 2019 Memory requirements – The new requirements are minimum 128 GB of ram.  Seems like some physical servers might be needed or some large VM’s in Azure.

Secure Score – When I first saw this, my mind was playing a trick on me and I was reading store, versus score, so I incorrectly read secure store, which this is not.  The secure score changes based on your settings and what options in Office 365 that you have turned on.  Then when you change your settings you can see your secure score increase or decrease

SharePoint Spaces – This is not in SharePoint yet, but it is a really awesome way to navigate 3D video, images, or objects.  This will be a game changer for manufacturing, engineering, and any field that creates or sells something.  It uses a HoloLens and allows you to analyze whatever it is that needs analyzing.

Azure Rights Management Service – This is part of an E5 subscription for the most part and once it is enabled, you can easily turn on IRM in your SharePoint tenant.  This will increase your total possible Secure Score, and current Secure Score Score. This is important to consider when getting ready to set up conditional access policies, too.

Conditional Access – When you have RMS you can then set up conditional access policies and apply them to groups and users.  These can have various parameters (e.g. can read, cant print)

Exam 70-533 retiring on 12/31/2018 – This Azure exam is getting retired on 12/31/2018, you can read more about it here

It is getting replaced by two additional exams.  If you already passed it, then there is a new exam you need to take in order to get the Azure Administrator Certificate.


There was way more than this, although I missed it at the conference due to booth duty (note: not complaining here, just explaining why)