People picker with multiple Forests

I recently was doing some work for an IT department managed by Homer Simpson and poor Homer reported that the People pickers on various lists were not pulling in users from the forest. They were coming in no problem from the forest.

This is what resolved the issue.

I set the NetBIOS domain names enabled property on the User Profile service to true from it’s default of false, because poor Homer had trouble with WINS resolution in his Springfield forest. Then, I ran the SharePoint Team Services Administration command to make the peoplepicker search all ad forests.  I did this for each web application.


First I set the .NetbiosDomainNamesEnabled property on the User Profile service application to true



Now the NETBIOS Domain Name resolution is enabled.



Ran a full sync of just users

Ran a full sync of users and groups

and order was restored to the\ SharePoint farm that pulls in the same users from two different forests.