How many people are connected to my SharePoint?

Have you ever wanted to know how many people are connected to your SharePoint without downloading any program?

Well, if you answered yes, then you are in luck.  This post will tell you exactly how to do that in a few short steps.


  1. Open the performance monitor by typing perfmon.msc on the run bar and clicking OK
  2. Once the Performance monitor opens, select “Performance Monitor” from the left hand menu.
  3. Click the red X to remove the monitor for “%Processor Time”
  4. Click the green + to add new counters, and then scroll down to “Web Services”
  5. Expand web services and select Current connectionshowmanyconnected
  6. Choose the instance for your SharePoint site and maybe the SharePoint web Services (optional).  You definitely want your site though and in the examples, I’ve removed the name of the site to protect any third party names.howmanyconnected2
  7. After, you’ve selected the instances, you’ll want to change from a line graph to a report howmanyconnected3
  8. Change it to a reporthowmanyconnected4 and you can see that there are five connections to your site.