Provisioning a SharePoint 2010 Farm SharePoint Service Applications

This post takes after the post I had written in 2013.  And now that I’m older and wiser, I know better than rolling up search inside the same IIS application pool as the rest of the SharePoint Service Applications.

The only variables that are needed to be filled out are the ones at the top, and a couple midway through.

Don’t worry about the Event 6398 that is thrown during the webAnalyticsService Application on SharePoint 2010, and comment that section out for SharePoint 2013.

Variables to modify

$databaseServerName = “SharePointSQL” #assumes you’re using a SQL Alias configured with cliconfg.exe
$searchServerName = “2010APP” #Front end Server that will run central admin, the server you’re on right now
$saAppPoolName = “SharePoint Hosted Services”
$appPoolUserName = “Contoso\2010svcapps” #This is the service application pool account it is not the farm admin account for Timer and Central admin, sometimes calle#d the farm account, it is not the setup account, or install account

$ssaAppPoolName = “SharePoint Search Service Application Pool”
$SearchappPoolUserName = “Contoso\2010Search”

$accesssSAName = “Access Services”
$bcsSAName = “Business Data Connectivity Service”
$excelSAName = “Excel Services Application”
$metadataSAName = “Managed Metadata Web Service”
$performancePointSAName = “PerformancePoint Service”
$searchSAName = “SharePoint Server Search”
$stateSAName = “State Service”
$secureStoreSAName = “Secure Store Service”
$usageSAName = “Usage and Health Data Collection Service”
$visioSAName = “Visio Graphics Service”
$WebAnalyticsSAName = “Web Analytics Service”
$WordAutomationSAName = “Word Automation Services”


and , then a little bit further down, in the search service part of the script,


$serviceAppName = “Enterprise Search Services”

$searchDBName = “Search”


Now just copy this code into a text file, save it as a ps1, and boom! ready to deploy!

You’ll end up with one application pool named SharePoint Hosted Services and one named SharePoint Search Service Application Pool.