SharePoint 2010 Script – UPA rem’d out

Here is a copy of the script that was used during the creation of this video found in the earlier blog post, from today.


The entire script replaces the initial configuration wizard.  Another way to think of it, is it replaces the actions that are kicked off when a user selects yes to the question asking if they would like SharePoint to configure everything.

The difference is this script generates clean (GUID free) databases.  That is, SharePoint databases without GUID’s.

</End skip>

The User Profile Application is remarked out, as there are known issues with creating the user profile sync service app with powershell.

The parts in green are attempting to demonstrate what would be needed to only create the managed metadata service application.  This is true for the remaining service apps, with the exception of search.  In other words, if you wanted to only create the search application, you would need the parts in green, minus the metadata part, and then everything between ##Start Search and ##End Search

To use this, just copy it into a notepad file and then save the notepad file with a .ps1 extension.

Here’s a good video of this script in action