Apply CU’s to SharePoint 2016 with PowerShell

Happy SharePoint Saturday everyone!!! <– (I must’ve written this on a Saturday on my break at work)

This script is just the script written by Russ Maxwell in 2013 – and then updated for SharePoint 2016 by replacing OSearch15, the SharePoint 2013 Search Service name, with OSearch16, the SharePoint 2016 Search Service name.

Same rules apply with saving, and using, the below lines into a .ps1 file.

Remember to run from the server in your farm running search. Making sure to save the .ps1 file in the same directory where you already downloaded the .exe and .cab files for you cumulative update.  Press 1 to pause the search service application, and if prompted to restart at the end of the CU, say no, and allow the script to finish on all servers in the farm before restarting any of them.