Metalogix Content Matrix, Storage Point, File Share Librarian, and Replicator

If you need to migrate from SharePoint 2007 to 2013, Metalogix Content Matrix looks like a great way to accomplish the task. And, you can do it with zero downtime; whereas, if you’re going to do this using powershell, the process will be much harder to accomplish – – assuming no downtime.

Content Matrix gives you a side by side comparison of two farms, by setting locations in each side of the product.

The content matrix demo starts at 16:30 point and ends at 31:00 point in this video.

You need to have target farm built and ready to take content, need a web application.

at the 24:59 minute mark, you can hear about zero downtime migrations.

The following minute marks give the information listed:

40:42 – blob offloading demo starts (storagePoint)
49:15ish – file share librarian (storagePoint – very cool feature) – 52:15 file share librarian ends, and replicator begins

You can use content matrix to migrate content to Office 365, or from 2007 to 2013, or 2010 to 2013.