Machines suddenly unable to talk to each other in home domain – Resolution

File this one in the “Why do they always blame everything on SharePoint, when SharePoint doesn’t work”


Today I encountered a situation in one of my home lab domains that prevented my SQL machine from seeing the domain, and prevented my various domain members from seeing the domain controller.

  • The result was the yellow screen of death (the screen telling you to modify the web.config file so that you can see remote errors).


When I went into control panel > network and internet > network and sharing center > change advanced sharing settings

I was unable to set the domain network settings to allow the machine to be discoverable on the network (e.g. Turn on network discovery would not stay illuminated)


No matter how many times, I selected “Turn on network discovery” and “Save Changes”, the end result was that network discovery was off, as shown above, and my machines were not discoverable and were unable to see the domain controller.

The information at this TechNet post:   resolved the issue:


In order to enable the Network Discovery settings, you need to make sure the following services are enabled and running.  Open the Windows Operating System Services console (services.msc) and enable these services:

–      DNS Client

–      Function Discovery Resource Publication

–      SSDP Discovery

–      UPnP Device Host

After these services were enabled and running, the machines were able to once again find each other in the home lab.  Not sure when this changed; but, it did as these machines were able to locate each other in days of past.

Thank you to Wilson Jia for that posting and thank you to Lay Khim from Singapore for asking about this today!