SharePoint Updates, Ikea Furniture, and Plastic model Airplanes (e.g. read the instructions)

Yesterday when running the Post setup configuration executable (psconfig.exe) I encountered the following happy-happy joy-joy moments.

I hadn’t created the Service Connection Point and the psconfig was failing, the log was telling me that I needed the connection point


Then I created the service connection point, again not reading the instructions, just creating a container where it needed to go… psconfig and WHAM!!  still no luck




Then I set the permissions on the Service connection point and ran psconfig, using the svc_install account, Whoaaaa  shoulda used the farm account the System account..


Hey Lets try it again, because sometimes running psconfig more than once works


Ok, ok, I’ll read the log that the PSCDiagnostics_1_23_2016_21_15_53_341_62188722.log was trying to get me to read, a few steps back.

Ah ha! The svc_install account cant login to the databases, let’s use the farm account!

Holy Nirvana, we have an upgraded Farm BatMan!!


Lessons learned:

It pays to read the instructions (with SharePoint configuration, Ikea furniture, and plastic model airplanes)

If you keep trying you’ll succeed.  It’s the people who give up that fail to finish the race.