Links to Software to create a home lab

Pre-requisite:  A server with at least 16 GB of RAM  – Server 2012  – SharePoint Server 2013 – Project Server 2013 –  SQL 2012 – all Evaluation Software – previous editions (e.g. windows server … Read More

Convert a classic based authentication SharePoint 2010 web application into a claims based web application that will use forms based authentication

This blog post attempts to bridge the gap between creating a claims based authentication web application versus converting a classic web application to claims, essentially step 1 of this blog: New-SPAuthenticationProvider – Here’s how you create a new … Read More

Create a SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 two server farm using Powershell

Check out the reference for this post: It contains what follows in script format; which is much easier to use.  This post just breaks it down. Pre-requisites: Install the SharePoint binaries on each server in your farm. Harden … Read More

Applying updates to SharePoint

After running the exe to apply a cumulative update to your build, rather than using the gui based SharePoint Products and Technologies Wizard, use the SharePoint Management powershell console and call this command:

followed by Install-SPApplicationContent, at the bare minimum.  The best way … Read More

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