Reset your index with PowerShell

As this great blog on repairing the SharePoint 2013 On-Prem reset index stuck resolution, states it’s best to reset your index using powershell. Sometimes when you search service is paused, you can run


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Working with paused search index

When you want to know what search is up to, check it out with the management shell and these handy hints I copied in from Microsoft Technet – Run this

    if it returns false, the search … Read More

Creating a Search Service Application and topology with PowerShell in SharePoint 2013 or 2016 – IN SAME APP POOL AS OTHER SERVICE APPLICATIONS

You can use this script to create a new search service application after you have removed your search service application.  WARNING: This creates the search service in an existing application pool named “SharePoint Hosted Services”.  Edit the $saAppPoolName, $serviceAppName, and … Read More

Converting the 2013 classic web app to claims

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After you create the classic 2013 web application and mount some classic authentication mode databases to it from a 2010 server, you’ should convert the web application to use claims based authentication:

  After the job completes, you can … Read More

Creating a classic authentication based web application to restore 2010 non-claims DB’s into

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Script to clean out log files, or any files in a directory based on date

    If you only want one week, change the file age to 7. Or, if you want 90 days, then change it to 90. The paths to clean specified in this example are meant to be changes and … Read More

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